How can I contact you?

If you have any problems with your order or any questions you would like to discuss with us you can call our office between 9:00am and 2:00pm on 956234021. Alternatively you can email us at

What is behind the project, where are you from, why do you do what you do?

This project is the result of the passion of 4 sisters for the countryside, nature, animals and the conservation of the environment where they grew up. Their love and enthusiasm for sharing with the world what this land has to offer is what drove them to make the most of it, thus making top quality products known.Although of German nationality, from a very young age they moved to the Andalusian countryside, which has taught them not only to value the tradition of lifelong know-how, but also the keys to a healthy diet and the important influence that the environment has on the quality of life in our society. All 4 sisters have travelled, studied and worked abroad. It is here that they understand the importance of the environment and the surroundings for humanity, to live in the moment, to appreciate the passing of time, to understand the work that lies behind everything we eat, the work of the countryside as the basis of everything and above all the cost of agriculture and livestock farming. In short, the foundations of the Andalusian countryside, as the key to the success of top quality foodstuffs, which are still to be known in many international countries.

How are these products made? Do you use quality materials?

All the products we sell at Dehesa Fuente Ymbro come from raw materials from our own farm, in the heart of the Alcornocales Natural Park.

  • We enjoy a unique climate: for the products to be born strong and healthy, they need a significant exposure to the sun, and we also have the influence of the rainfall of the Sierra de Grazalema which favours the growth of pastures typical of the Natural Park where we are located.
  • Animal welfare is essential to guarantee the high quality of the products we sell. In order for an animal to guarantee top quality milk, they must be free to graze in the open air and benefit from the nutrients offered by the fauna of the farm’s Sierra.
  • The production processes used to transform the raw material into the final product are slow, taking care of every step in detail, so that the properties of the raw material remain the same when it reaches the end customer.

Our team has control of the entire production process chain, from planting or breeding, harvesting, processing and packaging.

How am I going to receive and what are the delivery times?

All the products you buy are wrapped and protected in the safest way possible to avoid damage in transit. In this way we will ensure that they arrive in optimal conditions in your hands. In the event of damage, just contact us so that we can check what has happened and send you a new package. We use packaging material such as tissue paper, shavings and bubble wrap. If your order is a gift, you can include in the notes section of your order so that we write you a personalised letter, include a gourmet box in the case of ordering Olive Oil or any other detail you would like to add.

Your package is prepared the same day you place your order, taking between 48 and 72 hours to reach its final destination.

Are the payment methods accepted in Dehesa Fuente Ymbro Shop secure?

The payment methods we use are completely reliable. Redsys has become synonymous with secure payment. Its security and encryption systems and protocols guarantee the encrypted transmission of data. They prevent identity theft and guarantee secure payment. Both for the user and for the e-commerce. In the event of any incident, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will respond as soon as possible.