Dehesa Fuente Ymbro

  • VARIETY: Mil Flores. Harvested by bees in areas where there is a wide diversity of flowers, varying in tone, aroma or flavor depending on the date of harvest.

  • DESCRIPTION: The artisan honey “Multifloral de Dehesa Fuente Ymbro” is a product made from the nectar of a wide variety of plants that bloom in the Sierra de Cádiz. All our bees live in “The Natural Park of Los Alcornocales”, the largest cork oak forest in the world. That is why our bees collect the honey in a 100% natural environment, giving the honey a unique color and flavor.

  • FORMAT: Glass Jar 500g

  • PRODUCTION AREA: Sierra de Cádiz, Los Alcornocales Natural Park.



Weight 0.250 kg